Fourth of July Celebrations in Los Angeles

On 4 July 1776, America claimed its independence from Britain. The Fourth of July is one of the biggest holidays of the year and is celebrated in all manner of ways. Pageants, parades, picnics, festivals, concerts and spectacular fireworks displays form part of the celebrations. The city of LA lives up to its reputation as a city that knows how to throw a good party and visitors can take their pick from a wide range of events
Various locations in Los Angeles. Main area around El Pueblo Historical Monument, Placita Olvera, 125 Paseo de la Plaza
2008-07-04 -to- 2008-07-04
Most events free
Los Angeles operates more than 1,500 buses and a subway system that can take you from Downtown Los Angeles to Hollywood in about 12 minutes. With a Metro Day Pass you can ride any Metro bus or rail line all day. For more information, visit
Los Angeles Visitor Information Center
+1 (213) 689 8822
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Events in Los Angeles

Venue: Dana Point Harbor
Dates: 2008-05-01 to 2008-06-30 Annual
Located in one of the most attractive areas along the California coast, Dana Point Harbor is one of the most spectacular marinas from San Francisco... [more info]
Venue: Echo Park
Dates: 2008-07-01 to 2008-07-31 Annual
This weekend event celebrates the cultures and traditions of Asian and Pacific Islander communities in Southern California and takes place during the... [more info]
Venue: Cinemas in Los Angeles
Dates: 2008-07-01 to 2008-07-31 Annual
Dances with Films celebrates the best that the independent film scene has to offer. Taking place every year since 1998, the festival is dedicated to... [more info]
Venue: Painted Bride Arts Centre
Dates: 2008-09-01 to 2008-10-31 Annual
The FirstGlance Film Festival can rightly claim to be a truly independent underground film event. The bi-coastal festival takes place annually in... [more info]

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