Airline Travel Tips

For some, flying is one of the trips highlights. Others absolutely dread it. There are of course the annoying long lines, layovers and cancelled flights but the bonus of flying is that you arrive at your destination in the quickest amount of time possible. That means more time on the slopes, beaches or whatever it may be and less time on the road.
How to get a great price
Flying can get expensive so take the time to look around, especially if you are going to a major destination. Just be careful how long you wait. Sometimes the deals come and go as quickly as a takeoff. Something else to consider is getting a travel rewards card. Every point can help cut down the cost.
Where are the best places to sit?
For those passengers who are of average weight and height it wont really matter where you sit. However, a few extra inches can make all the difference for those needing more room. If you choose to sit in economy try to get the first row or exit seats. As a minimum ask for an aisle seat. That way you can stretch out those legs. If you really need the room, pay the extra funds and sit in first class. This is especially true if you are flying a long distance.
Needing an extra hand
Sometimes we all need a little help. Most airline personnel are eager to help but they arent mind readers. Ask them to help and they should be more than willing to assist you. Calling ahead might be beneficial for those with physical limitations or those traveling with children. Heres a word of advice to the rest of the travelers help out when you can. Sometimes a friendly smile and some understanding can go a long way.
When you should check in
This all depends on whether or not you are a risk taker. However, coming in under the wire is a lot more difficult nowadays. There are long check-in lines, security lines and boarding lines. Do you really want to arrive one minute too late? Talk about bad timing. Come early we suggest an hour and a half for domestic flights and at least two hours for international. Also, double check those flight times to ensure there havent been any last minute changes.
Luggage limits
Whether you are traveling by air, land or sea there are always restrictions on what you can all bring. It is important that you know this before you pack. However, there is a trick you can do. Sometimes after you have pack there is no room for anything you may want to bring back. Thats why you pack an empty duffel bag. You can use it during your trip for dirty clothes as well so that they dont smell up your clean ones. Make sure you check our packing list guidelines as well.
Have your documents organized
If you dont have one already, purchase a travel organizer that will keep all your documents in one place. Ensure you have everyones passport, your travel itinerary and tickets. If you were given an e-ticket, print out the sheet that has your flight info on it. One helpful hint is to put the documents in chronological order so that you arent fishing around for the right one.
Watch your items
You can get distracted while on vacation but remember to keep an eye on your items, especially in high traffic areas. The airport is an easy place to forget one of your bags so recount after every pit stop. It also helps to have each person traveling with you to stay in charge of his or her own bags but stay on the safe side and designate a re-checker. Better to be safe than sorry.
In the air
Airplanes can play havoc on your eardrums. A decongestant before you go can be a huge help for flyers who know they have ear-popping problems. Try to chew gum or suck on a candy while taking off and landing. Earplugs can be of some help as well. Afterwards, start chewing that gum but be careful you dont force the pop. Sometimes a warm cloth on the ear can help the process along.
What to do when your flight is delayed or cancelled
Welcome to the greatest frustration ever your flight doesnt leave when it is suppose to. But alas, that is all part of the journey. As soon as you know your flight is going to be late, check to see if you have enough of a layover for your connection. If not, find a customer service representative and see what they can do. The same goes if your flight is cancelled. Again, it is always wise to check those flight times before you leave. You can take advantage of the extra time though most airports have a number of great shops and restaurants for you to explore. Hmmm, I wonder if those delays are on purpose.
What to do during a layover
Who says you cant stop and smell the roses along the way? If you are arriving early in the a.m. and your connecting flight isnt leaving until the evening, go and explore! Of course, you will need to make sure of your flight times and youll probably only get to see a fraction of what there is to see but at least you can enjoy some fresh air. For those not so fortunate with a long layover check out the airport. Some have museums, wireless connection cafs and TV lounges. Of course, having a club card for a specific airline is a huge benefit as well. Their lounges have newspapers, free food and drinks and comfy chairs for you to relax.

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