Asia Overview

asia-map Some may think they know what Asia is like, although they’ve never been. The rest of the world seems to have adapted its own version of Asian cultures and traditions, and yet Asia itself has protected and preserved its unique diversity. Ironically, it’s also been able to promote itself in being an innovative force in the world’s economy.

It is this very diversity that makes Asia such an enticing place to explore and with incredible manmade structures and natural beauty, you’ll come to appreciate what Asia has to offer. There are ancient ruins and fantastic skyscrapers. Enjoy modern gourmet cuisine delights or savor traditional Asian fare. Walk along the Great Wall of China, the only manmade structure that can be seen from space or see an 85-foot Buddha up close. Swim at some of the world’s most famous beaches or stroll down the bustling streets. You can even visit your childhood friend Mickey Mouse.

Need another reason to visit? Asia has perfected the art of creating memorable festivals. Some may think they know what Asia would be like, but after you explore all that it has to offer, you’ll quickly realize that only Asia can perfect what the rest try to mimic.

Destinations in Asia

Hong Kong
Festivals, celebrations and an amazing nightlife. Fantastic shopping, great restaurants and lots of sites. These are only some of the pieces that make Hong Kong the ... Read More
Tokyo is one of those places you have to visit in order to really understand what it’s like. Tall buildings, history, friendly (and busy) people and lots of great ... Read More

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